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The Charley Harper Challenge



The Charley Harper Challenge was initiated in 2008.  The President, Jan Doench, suggested that we make quiltlets based on his artwork.  We based our initial quilts on the book "Beguiled by the Wild" by Charley Harper and are still using it today.  We have gone on to use anything "Charley" including websites, cards, calendars and more.  You can see the quilts  under "Charley Harper Images".  This past year, we also included works by Edie Harper, Charley's wife.


Here are the rules for quilters:


  • Quilts can be any reasonable size and shape.  No bigger than 18" x 24" is encouraged, but all sizes are accepted.  Just remember what kind of space we have to display these quilts.

  • Quilt must be based on a Charley Harper or Edie Harper artwork.

  • Quilt name must be checked by the Charley Harper Chairperson, to make sure that it is not a duplicate

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